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 Mentoring Program

As I began to awaken to my true self, my journey came with some surprises. Although very excited about transformation, growth and enlightenment, I soon realized a change of appetite to the familiar surroundings, i.e., conversations, desires and taste of entertainment, etc. As old beliefs began to deconstruct, I experienced what felt like lonliness. However, I came to understand elevation sometimes requires separation until we are able to integrate and stand in our truth. I soon realized there were many others on the path of enlightenment at various stages of development and yet they often feel as they are traveling alone.

The Warrior Mentoring package is designed to give you guidance along your path.

The Warrior Mentoring is an 6 weeks guided protocol to assist and provide the needed support as you move through your journey of transformation and enlightenment to the illuminated self with greater joy and ease.

The protocol includes:

Soul Translation Readings (4), one weekly with 1 hour consultations

Property Clearing (1 Primary Residence) up to 3999 sq ft

Vehicle Clearing (1 Primary Vehicle)

Please Contact Us If You Have Questions

Spiritual Warriors

Life offers us the opportunity to become a Spiritual Warrior.

A warrior is one who bravely goes into the dark areas within themselves to ferret out their Truth of their being.

It takes great courage, stamina and endurance to Become a Spiritual Warrior.

The path is narrow, the terrain rough and rocky.

You will walk alone; through the dark caves, up those steep climbs and through the dense thick forest.

You will meet your dark side. The faces of rear, deceit and sadness all await your arrival.

No one can take this journey but you.

There comes a time, in each of our lives when we are given the choice to follow this path.

Should we decide to embark on this journey, we can never turn back.... Our lives are change forever.

On this journey, there are many different places we can choose to slip into and hide. But the path goes on.

The Spiritual Warrior stays the course, wounded at times, exhausted and out of energy. Many times, the Warrior will struggle back to their feet to take only a few steps before falling again.

Rested, they forge on, continuing the treacherous path.

The journey continues. The Spiritual Warrior stays the course. Weakened but never broken.

One day, the battle, loneliness and desperate fights are over.

The sun breaks through the clouds, the birds begin to sing their sweet melodies.

There is a change in the energy. A change deep with the self.

The warrior has fought the courageous fight.

The battle of the dark night of the soul is won.

New energy now fills the Warrior.

A new path is now laid before them .

A gentler path filled with the inner-knowing of one who has personal empowerment.

With their personal battle won, they are filled with joy.

A new awareness that they are one with the Spirit beams as they go forth to show others the way.

They are not permitted to walk the path for others.

They can only love, guide and be a living example

of the Truth of their being. --- Anonymous