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A Clearing is Recommended if you are:

  • Sustaining Health & Wellness
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Buying or Selling your home
  • Living in a Foreclosed Property
  • Investing in Real Estate, Foreclosures
  • Experiencing illness or fatigue
  • Needing Clarity, Divorced or Divorcing
  • To support new decisions

  • Selling or buying land
  • Real Estate
  • Cultivating or Farming
  • Building a New Home or Expansion
  • Protection for livestock

  • Enhance overall work environment

  • To experience more business success
  • To enhance harmonious interactions and teamwork
  • Selling or business expansion
  • Creating a new work culture
  • Preparing or embracing Work culture changes
  • Change of Management

  • Reduce accidents and attraction to low vibrations

  • May improve overall car performance
  • Experience greater peace and harmony while traveling
  • If involved in an Accident(Call Now)
  • Selling or purchasing a new automobile