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Warrior Mentoring Program

I highly recommend the warrior mentoring program with Nataki. She is the absolute truth!

I am very thankful for the enlightement Nataki has provided during my journey to healing and

spritual transformation. My marriage and family life has benefited tremendously from both

the property clearing and soul translations.

Both readings were shockingly accurate and were delivered with powerful remedies, which proved to be effective. The consultations were most necessary to remain standing in truth as I encountered the many suprises that come along with this journey. Nataki's level of

professionalism, understanding, and sincere regard for my life situations was priceless!


Sam (North Carolina)

Soul Translation Reading

"Nataki is insightful and has used her gentle guidance to help me redirect my energy to my path as a healer..."

"she is generous with her gifts and extremely encouraging. Thank you for seeing the light in me!"

Soul Translation Reading

Nataki is such a beautiful and present soul. She is genuinely a gift and I'm thankful for the love she bestowed upon me through my soul translation. I appreciate her solution based model of approaching change and belief and honoring one self by being completely connected and living within your gifts.

The reading helped me to understand that aspects of who I am were actual gifts and apart of my purpose. Knowing this has allowed me to be more conscious of what I need moving forward to truly aligned myself with the universe and where I belong. It's going to take some time to understand truly how to translate that into a passion and live abundantly in it but I'm open for the journey. In addition, I feel less judgmental toward myself and moving toward just being ok with what brings me joy in the moment I'm forever grateful and thankful! Xo.....


Chakra Illumination

I've received the Chakra illumination and it is amazing. The results are a clear mind, I had better self expression and I'm able to manifest for myself. Its almost like clearing out emotional baggage.

Thank you Ms. Nataki

Lakazia (Florida)

Soul Clearing

I recently had a soul clearing done. The results are amazing. I could immediately feel the work being performed on me. Before the clearing I didn't feel grounded. I had self doubt and it seemed as if I was regressing in life. Now I feel balanced and trust myself and my path more. Ill be getting this work done again.

Thank you Ms Nataki.


Property Clearing

It's my pleasure to recommend Nataki, as your personal Spiritual Clearing Advisor. She provides an accurate interpretation and optimal concentration on all of your circumstances​. I was so amazed at her findings and she has never been to my home. I can attest to her strength of character and compassion for others. Nataki is thoughtful, reliable, and warm.

Blessings, .......Josephine (Atlanta)

I am amazed by the accuracy and detail that Nataki was able to share with me when she completed my home clearing. She had never been to my home before and provided some very specific details that she would be knowledgeable of only if she had been inside my home. Some of the information she shared had not been shared with anyone; not even my family. I was very pleased with the level of professionalism, comfort and care that Nataki provided. I would recommend this service to anyone that wants to abide peacefully in their home. She is a breathe of fresh air!..........Allison​ (Atlanta)

Property Clearing

Naturally, most people will feel hesitant when it comes to this practice but let me be the first to assure you that this is one of those things that should be necessary for yourself. So therefore, it gives me great pleasure to leave this testimonial.

When I first decided to make a conscious decision that I wanted a property clearing a few things first came to mind; such as am I ready for this? What happens I open myself up to accepting what comes with this? What should I expect? Shortly thereafter, I calmed my anxious mind and relaxed to the calming voice of Nataki. She (My Spiritual Mentor & Life Coach) has been amazing at the work she performed.

I have used the property clearing service multiple times during a few transitions in my life. Every time I have received a clearing, Nataki has been 100% accurate of her reading.

Also, I have had the pleasure of gaining varies levels of mentoring and leadership where I have not only benefit from clearing the space of my home but the energy around me. It has been a greater understanding for me as I have somewhat paddle in the water of truly stepping in who I truly am.

I would 100% recommend anyone to use any of the services that are offered here; you will not be disappointed at all!

L. Silver (North Carolina)

Property Clearing

I recommend Nataki for your home clearing! Nataki did an amazing job in clearing my home and creating a report that made sense to me. The report was comprehensive and offered more details than I expected. The report was thorough and remarkably accurate in identifying particular aspects regarding my home.

She settled many questions regarding my home that I had in my mind for some time. After the clearing, my home felt much better. She offered remedies that were powerful, practical and quite helpful. Nataki is a talented healer and I give thanks for the care she took with me and my family.

Carla DeRosa,

Home Energy Clearing

Pertaining to the house clearing done by Nataki, I didn't realize this would happen but I had a purging and release of some pent up emotions. After that release I got clearer on a decision I had

previously made. I was skeptical about doing it but she told me about things only she would know without being in my home. I am happy I had the Clearing done and will book with her for some

other things in the future. I recommend Nataki for energy clearing of your home!

Dawne, (Illinois)


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